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Intent to Swing Hazy DIPA- Topa Topa Brewing Co.-8.1% Can


Topa Topa memorializes the fist pump heard 'round the world. A moment a hundred years in the making, completely eclipsed by a single, shaking fist. A rivalry that ran the path of the sun, rising in the east, now set in the west. Forever foes, this tension feels as old as the rules of the game itself, which raises the question- who made these rules, anyway? Who really knows- in that one moment, one MAN in BLUE stole the show and subjected us all to subjectivity in perpetuity. Was he right? Was he wrong? The rules- much like this Hazy IPA- aren't clear. Controversy's a lot like a diamond that lasts forever, but like they say in Brooklyn, "them's the rules."

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